Morgan Riddle’s U.S. Open Photo Diary

“This is going to a Cadillac event at Zero Bond, with Frances Tiafoe. I went by myself, but I knew a decent amount of people there like Foe’s girlfriend Ayan [Broomfield] was there, who I’m friends with.”

She’s befriended many of the girlfriends on tour. “When I first started dating Taylor, it was during COVID. For the first year that I was [traveling] on tour, I didn’t really have any girlfriends. I was introduced to this really extreme, stressful lifestyle, and I didn’t have anybody who could relate to me for it,” Riddle says. “It was really isolating and hard and lonely. So now, I’m kind of like a glue for girlfriends on tour. I always organize the brunches and workout classes and invite everybody. I’m like the group coordinator!”