Meet Daria Medvedeva, Daniil Medvedev’s Wife

Daniil Medvedev may have a contentious relationship with the U.S. Open crowd, but there’s one person in the stands who will always be rooting for him: His wife, Daria Medvedeva. She was in his player’s box during his fourth round match, and she’s a steady presence by his side on the tour.

Here, everything you need to know about Medvedev’s wife Daria Medvedeva (they have different last names, because she took the feminine form of his last name):

1. She played tennis growing up.

She’s from Moscow, and like her husband, she played tennis growing up. “She played tennis until she was 17 or 18, but because of injuries she couldn’t reach the desired level,” Daniil said. “Nevertheless, it’s great that she understands tennis… Perhaps it’s not easy to get used to it when you don’t understand anything in tennis. It helped me to become better as a person and a player.”

2. She attended Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

Daria studied in Moscow at MGIMO, before moving to live in Monte Carlo with Daniil. They began dating in 2014 and married in 2018:

3. Daria and Daniil became parents in October 2022.

Their daughter, Alisa Medvedev, was born on October 14, 2022. In today’s quarterfinal matchup at the U.S. Open, Daria will be watching her husband play her daughter’s godfather, Fellow Andrey Rublev.

“We’re really close. I don’t like to, let’s say, label ‘best friend’ because I would say I have a lot of best friends, I have a lot of good friends,” Medevev said of Rublev being his daughter’s godfather at the 2023 U.S. Open. “But we are very close. He’s very kind. He’s religious, so that’s important to be a godfather. So it was kind of an easy decision, yeah.”

4. She Instagrams under @MrsMedvedev.

While she isn’t too active on social media, she does share some snaps of her life on tour.

5. She co-founded RawQ Foods.

The food company, which she founded with her friend Arina Kuzmina, makes a vegan energy bar. Per her bio on the company’s website, “Daria dedicated 12 years of her life to professional tennis and is still connected to professional sports. She knows that a healthy and balanced diet is one of the key factors that allows athletes to achieve incredible results and compete at the highest level. Food fuels the body, provides energy and builds muscle. It should be natural, with optimal nutrition and macro and micro-nutrients wherever possible.”

After they launched, Arina wrote on Instagram, “you are the best business partner I could have ever asked for. Thank you for never giving up on us, for believing in me, for always being my rock, for turning this into an adventure of a lifetime.”

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